Corporate Restructuring

Sigong Law provided the following services relating to corporate restructuring:

  • Advice on workout, bankruptcy and corporate rehabilitation proceedings;
  • Advice on corporate improvement work arrangement and corporate normalization through consultations with the council of the creditors and financial institutions; and
  • Advice on recapture of investment amounts by such means as sale of normalized companies.

We provide below some examples of corporate restructuring work performed by our lawyers.

  • Advised Daewoo Corporation and Daewoo International on their corporate restructuring and other legal matters.
  • Assisted Daewoo Telecom with its corporate restructuring.
  • Assisted Peugeot S.A. in filing claims for Kia Motors corporate reorganization proceeding.
  • Assisted Animation Technologies Inc. in filing claims for Trigem Computer reorganization proceeding.
  • Assisted Southco in changing its legal form from a corporation to a limited liability company.