Owing largely to the adoption of the five-day workweek system, the recent legislation on non-regular workers, and structural changes in the form of labor-management relationship, dealing with Korean labor law issues demand experienced labor attorneys who have a wide range of experience and knowledge in labor practice.  Our labor attorneys have acquired significant expertise on labor matters and gained practical experience over the many years of engaging in labor laws, and are capable of providing practical advice on many difficult issues involving labor law.

We provide counseling and representations concerning all aspects of the labor and employment relationship including, among other things:

  • Rights and duties of employers and employees under the Labor Standards Act;
  • Employer’s relationship with the labor union;
  • Matters relating to non-regular workers;
  • Preparation or review of employment contracts, rules of employment, and collective bargaining agreements;
  • Personnel management issues including disciplinary actions and employee transfer;
  • Strikes and other forms of labor disputes;
  • Administrative, civil and criminal matters relating to work-related injuries;
  • Severance payments and pensions;
  • Investigation and adjudication by the Labor Relations Commission; and
  • Disputes relating to wages, dismissal, etc.

As an example of providing our assistance on labor law matters, we advised a U.S.-based multinational company on restructuring of its labor relationships among its Korean operations.  Moreover, our lawyers have extensive experience in advising on labor matters involved in many high-profile M&A transactions.