Taiwan is one of the members of the international economic organizations such as WTO and APEC etc., and has open economic policies, transparent legal system, systematic intellectual property protection and advanced business environment. Taiwan is placed in the center of Asia and plays a significant international logistic hub. In addition, many foreign investors use Taiwan as one of their international bases due to proximity to China and South Asian countries.


We recently engaged in settlement of the commercial dispute between Taiwanese companies and Korean counterparts. Under the management of a Korean lawyer with a good command of Mandarin and a deep understanding about Taiwan and China, we provide assistance for comprehensive advance legal assessment before starting business in Taiwan and setting up business and eventually provide legal advice for any issues required to operate business and finally help you to come home safely. Our service will not only be limited to Taiwan but also China and other Asian markets through Taiwan. A safer entry and operation of business in Taiwan will be facilitated by Sigong with help from Taiwanese government officials and agencies in Korea and our reliable local Taiwanese partners in Taiwan.