As the Korean economy grows further and becomes internationalized, transaction and deal structures are ever-increasingly becoming more complex.  As a consequence, it has become necessary for both individuals and legal entities, in nearly all the transactions they enter into, to carefully consider tax implications that are involved.  Equipped with specialized knowledge in accounting and tax matters and many years of practical experience in tax law practice, our attorneys are able to provide advice on all aspects of tax law.

We provide tax law-related advice in the following major areas:

  • Corporate tax;
  • Withholding taxes on Korean-sourced income;
  • Assistance in handling tax audit;
  • Taxation involved in real estate;
  • International taxation and customs law and practice;
  • VAT and various local taxes;
  • Personal income tax, gift tax, and inheritance tax; and
  • Tax-related administrative proceedings and tax litigation.

Some examples of tax advisory work that our lawyers have performed are as follows:

  • Advised 3 Com on customs duty and VAT.
  • Assisted Rothmans Far East BV in customs audit.
  • Advised Conversay on withholding tax.
  • Advised Photon Dynamics on customs duty and transfer pricing rules.
  • Assisted Phoenix Mecano in tax audit.
  • Advised Sybase on objection relating to tax on software license.
  • Advised the NutraSweet Company on corporate tax.
  • Advised United Defense on international tax.